Things to Check Before Buying Magsafe Power Bank

Things to Check Before Buying Magsafe Power Bank

The arrival of MagSafe technology has completely changed the wireless charging landscape for smartphone accessories. MagSafe Power bank is made especially to fit the back of an iPhone 12 or 13 series handset and attach magnetically. Users now have a handy option to keep their smartphones charged while on the go without having to deal with bulky cords or connectors due to this integration, which allows quick and easy wireless charging.


However, not all MagSafe power banks are made equally. Here is a blog post with everything you should know before purchasing a MagSafe power bank, ensuring you choose your charge requirements wisely.

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1. Introduction

1.1. Essential Considerations While Buying Magsafe Power Bank 

1.1.1. Compatibility

1.1.2. Battery Capacity (mAh)

1.1.3. Charging Speed

1.1.4. MagSafe Strength

1.1.5. Design and Portability

1.1.6. Pass-Through Charging

1.1.7. Brand Reputation

1.1.8. Price and Value

1.2. Why is MagSafe Slower than Wired Charging?

1.2.1. Why does MagSafe Heat up?

1.2.2. What's the benefit of MagSafe?

1.3. How to Identify a Quality MagSafe Power Bank?

1.4. Qi vs. MagSafe Charging

1.5. Conclusion

1.6. FAQ

Essential Considerations While Buying Magsafe Power Bank 

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When picking up a MagSafe power bank, the following factors are essential to ensure compatibility with your iPhone:


Ensure the MagSafe power bank is certified for the iPhone 12 series (or whichever model you have) to work flawlessly and charge your phone quickly. Some power banks are MagSafe-compatible, but they need to work better or have as much magnetic force as those specifically designed for your iPhone 12.

Battery Capacity (mAh)

To meet your charging needs, look for a power bank with a significant capacity. You may refuel your iPhone several times before the power bank needs to be recharged due to higher mAh ratings, offering more charges each cycle. To choose the suitable capacity, think about how you use the space.

Charging Speed

Go for wireless MagSafe power banks with fast charging features to reduce downtime and ensure rapid power replenishment for your iPhone 12. The magnetic alignment mechanism of MagSafe ensures accurate device orientation, increasing charging effectiveness. Whether you're using a MagSafe power bank in India or elsewhere, the robust and secure connection offered by MagSafe technology guarantees your iPhone stays securely attached to the charger. To fully benefit from MagSafe charging and experience fast and dependable wireless charging on the go, look for power banks made explicitly for this type of charging.

MagSafe Strength

Check the charger's alignment system's magnetic strength before choosing a MagSafe power bank. The power bank and your iPhone are guaranteed to have a safe and dependable connection because of MagSafe's magnetic structure. This strong magnetic connection promotes effective charging and aids in keeping the gadget stable while in use. A durable MagSafe connection reduces the possibility of an unintentional disconnection, offering comfort.

Design and Portability

For easy portability, seek a wireless MagSafe power bank with a slim and lightweight design. Seek for materials that complement the design of your device and are both elegant and robust enough to survive regular use. The power bank's optimal mobility makes it simple to take around in a wallet or pocket for everyday use and travel. Attention should be paid to attributes that improve portability, such as non-slip surfaces and compact form factors. Choose a power bank made especially for MagSafe charging for smooth compatibility and effective wireless charging.

Pass-Through Charging

To charge your iPhone 12 and your MagSafe power bank simultaneously, pick one that allows pass-through charging. The "MagSafe Power Bank iPhone 12" feature ensures you can charge both your iPhone and the power bank at the same time. MagSafe charging can achieve up to 15W of charging speed faster than ordinary wireless charging. Whenever you need to charge your iPhone 12 on the go, this function is perfect for uninterrupted charging, offering simplicity and dependability.

Brand Reputation

Give top priority to brands with a solid track record of dependability and quality while selecting a MagSafe power bank, like MagSafe from Anker. Verify the brand's reputation for reliability by conducting in-depth research and reviewing consumer testimonials. Good customer service in the event of any problems or questions is another indication of a respectable brand, in addition to the quality of the product. To ensure that your MagSafe accessories operate, last, and are safe, look for businesses with a track record of producing superior products.

Price and Value

When choosing a MagSafe power bank, make sure you're getting the best value for your money by evaluating the cost of the device's capacity, size, and features. Higher-capacity power banks are generally more expensive but provide more charging cycles per charge. More excellent value can be obtained from larger models with greater capacities if you charge capacity above portability, whereas compact and portable designs may cost more for convenience.


By paying attention to the given factors, you can make an informed decision when selecting a MagSafe power bank that complements your iPhone 12 and enhances your charging experience.

Why is MagSafe Slower than Wired Charging?

Despite its creativity and simplicity, you may wonder why MagSafe charging can't achieve fast charging speeds. Although MagSafe has a maximum power output of 15W (slightly less for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 Mini, which is capped at 12W), its purposefully slower charging rate compared to cable charging is more of a safeguard than a disadvantage. By lowering heat generation and stress on the battery life. This thoughtful design decision made by Apple guarantees that the battery in your iPhone will always be in the best possible shape, preserving longevity and performance throughout extended use.


Why does MagSafe Heat up?

The critical concept of MagSafe's technology, inductive charging, is transmitting energy from the charger to your device via electromagnetic fields. An electromagnetic field is produced as current passes through the charger's coil. Once within range, this field charges your battery, causing a current to flow through the device's coil.


The disadvantage is that this method could be more effective. Resistance in the materials is the leading cause of energy loss, which manifests as heat. This is why your charger becomes heated; it's a typical aspect of energy transfer.

What's the Benefit of MagSafe?

  • MagSafe technology provides improved charging capabilities with a maximum power delivery of 15W.
  • This charger cuts down on charging time by double compared to regular Qi wireless chargers.
  • Wireless MagSafe power bank improves user convenience by removing the need for wires and plugs, which simplifies setup.
  • MagSafe add-ons like battery packs, cases, mounts, and magnetic wallets easily fit in with everyday life.
  • By adding more features and making things more straightforward to use, these accessories improve the iPhone experience.

How to Identify a Quality MagSafe Power Bank?

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To determine the quality of a MagSafe power bank, pay attention to the following details and features:

  • Deciphering Rated Input and Output Voltage/Current Check the power bank's specifications for information on the rated voltage and current for charging and discharging. Check that these ratings meet the requirements of your iPhone 12 or other devices that work with it.
  • How Many Charges Can You Expect? 

    To determine the approximate number of total charges the power bank can offer for your iPhone 12, calculate its milliampere-hour (mAh) capacity.

  • Safety Certification Marks: Ensuring Peace of Mind Seek out safety certificates such as the Made for iPhone (MFi) accreditation, FCC (Federal Communications Commission), or CE (Conformité Européenne) certification. These certifications guarantee the power bank is safe from overcharging, overheating, and other potential risks.
  • Additional Markings: Environmental Considerations and Recycling Check any extra indications related to recycling and environmental concerns. Look for signs of environmentally friendly design, such as those indicating RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance.

Qi vs. MagSafe Charging



Qi Wireless Charging

Charging Speed

Charges iPhones at 15W with magnetic alignment

Offers 7.5W for iPhones; lacks magnetic alignment

Device Compatibility

Specifically designed for iPhone 12 and later models

Broad compatibility across Android and iOS devices

Integration & Ecosystem

Integrated system with Apple accessories

Generic solution without brand-specific integration


With the iPhone 12 series and introducing a wireless MagSafe power bank, Apple has completely changed wireless charging with its smooth integration and precise magnetic field. MagSafe keeps getting better with subsequent iPhone generations, which highlights how revolutionary it has the potential to be in terms of how we use our gadgets. Adopting MagSafe exposes a variety of cutting-edge accessories that improve functionality and ensure quicker and more accurate charging.


  1. Are MagSafe powerbanks good? MagSafe power banks are a great choice if you value convenience and quick charging and have an iPhone 12 or newer. These power banks give up to 15W of charging power for faster battery replacement for your iPhone, and they firmly attach to your smartphone via magnets.

  2. How long does the MagSafe power bank last? The MagSafe battery pack can run for about 24 hours, depending on how often you use it.

  3. Is it safe to use the MagSafe Battery Pack every day? 

    Using a MagSafe Battery daily is generally safe, as is using appropriate charging procedures and compatible charging equipment. Remember not to use third-party chargers, and keep the battery pack out of extremely hot or cold environments. 

  4. Does MagSafe reduce battery life? MagSafe technology doesn't directly reduce battery life. Other elements like frequent use, poor charging, and heat might reduce battery life.

  5. Does MagSafe get weaker over time? Although Anker MagSafe magnets are made to be solid and long-lasting, external pressures or normal wear and tear could impact how well they work.