Yes. Power Port chargers feature international voltage compatibility (100V-240V). However, because the plug is designed for the country to which it was originally shipped, you may need to use a plug adapter while traveling.
Anker products are available on under the seller name: Ankerdirect and on our official website . You can be rest assured of the authenticity when buying through
To charge your iPhone using an Anker battery, you should use a Lightning cable. Anker batteries typically come with USB ports, so you'll need a USB to Lightning cable. Simply connect one end of the USB cable to the USB port on the Anker battery and the other end (Lightning connector) to your iPhone. This should efficiently charge your iPhone, providing a reliable and compatible connection between the Anker battery and your device.

To verify if your cables are MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad) certified, you can follow these steps

Check the Cable Labeling:

  • Authentic MFi-certified cables typically have "Made for iPhone," "Made for iPad," or "Made for iPod" logos on the packaging.
  • Look for the Apple MFi logo on the cable itself. It is a small icon indicating that the cable is certified by Apple.

Examine the Packaging:

  • Genuine MFi-certified cables often come in packaging that includes Apple's branding and the MFi logo.
  • Look for a holographic MFi label on the packaging. This label is a sign of authenticity.

Inspect the Connector:

  • Genuine Lightning connectors have a distinct design. Ensure that the Lightning connector matches the official Apple Lightning connector in terms of size, shape, and overall build quality.

Check for Authentication:

  • Some MFi-certified cables have an authentication chip built into the Lightning connector. When connected to an Apple device, an authentic cable should be recognized without any issues.

Visit Apple's MFi Licensing Program Website:

  • Apple maintains a list of MFi licensees on its website. You can visit the MFi Program Portal and search for the manufacturer to verify if they are an authorized MFi licensee.

Use Apple's Official Accessories Checker:

  • Apple provides an online tool called "Apple's Official Accessories Checker" where you can enter the serial number of your cable to check its authenticity. Visit the Apple Support website and look for the accessories checker tool.

By combining these methods, you can confidently verify whether your cables are MFi certified and meet Apple's standards for compatibility and safety. It's important to use certified cables to ensure proper functioning and to avoid potential issues with your Apple devices.

When the hub/dock's HDMI port is not working, no display will be shown on a monitor connected to the hub or dock. This problem may be caused by the connected laptop, HDMI cable, monitor, or hub/dock.

Here are some troubleshooting tips that may help you locate and resolve the problem.

For laptops:
  • Confirm if the connected USB-C port of your laptop supports DP Alt Mode (display output). Please check out your laptop's user manual, contact the seller, or go through the manufacturer's website. If DP Alt Mode is not supported, you cannot get an external display through a hub/dock.
  • If you are using a Mac laptop, reset PRAM using an intel chip. Here are some steps: 1) Power off your Mac. 2) Press your Mac's power button and then hold these four keys simultaneously: ⌘ + option + P + R. 3) Continue holding the keys until your Mac restarts for the second time. On older Mac versions, the chime will sound upon restart.
  • Update to the latest OS version if you use a MacBook with the M1chip.
  • Try the device with a different laptop with a USB-C port and make sure that it supports DP Alt Mode (display output) to get a display.
For HDMI cables:
  • Verify that all devices are securely attached.
  • Try the device with a different HDMI cable.
  • If possible, plug your HDMI cable directly into your devices and see if you get a stable connection.
For monitors:
  • Verify if the monitor is configured to the correct input.
  • Try the device with a different monitor.
For hubs/docks:
  • Confirm whether the LED light is on when connected to a laptop.
  • Try with a different hub/dock to see if you can get a display.
If all of the steps above cannot help you locate and resolve the problem, please contact us on for further assistance. Briefly mention the steps that you’ve already tried for a faster solution.

If you've recently purchased soundcore Q20i headphones, you may be wondering how to pair them with your device. Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this article, we'll guide you through the simple steps to pair your soundcore Q20i headphones with your device. So, let's get started!

1. Press and hold the "power on" button for 5s to enter into pairing mode directly after the headphones are turned off.

2. Press and hold the "power on" button for 1s-3s until you hear the boot-up tone. The headphones will automatically reconnect to the last device. If the headphones do not reconnect to the last device after continuously sending a reconnection signal for 5s, it will enter pairing mode again.

3. Once the headphones are paired with a device already if you want to pair these headphones with another device, please manually disconnect the current connection of the device. Then, the headphones will automatically enter pairing mode, and you can start pairing again.

4. Connecting to a second device: After double-clicking the switch button, the currently connected device will not be disconnected, and the headphones will re-enter pairing mode where a second device can search for and connect to the headphones.

5. The factory default is to automatically enter the pairing mode when the device is turned on for the first time.

If you encounter any other issues or your issue has not been resolved, please contact for further assistance.

In this article, we will introduce the main differences between soundcore Life series headphones, Space Q45 and Q20i. Whether you're looking for better product size, noise-canceling technology or long battery life, we've got you covered. So, let's dive in and find the perfect headphones for you.

Here's a table showing basic information on over-ear headphones.

1. Specifications

2. Playtime and Battery

3. Functions Related


A. NFC: An abbreviation for Near-field communication. NFC offers a low-speed connection through a simple setup that can be used to bootstrap more capable wireless connections. Just tap Android phones on the right ear cup of headphones to begin fast pairing.

B. For Life Q30 and Life Q35's NFC functions, please note:

- iOS system is not compatible with NFC

- Android phones used for extra-fast pairing must support NFC

- The phone should be attached to the NFC sensing area to make sure it works

C. ANC: An abbreviation for Active Noise Canceling. The hybrid active noise cancellation adopted by the headphones can detect and cancel out a wide range of low and mid-frequency noises such as cars and airplane engines.

D. Transparency Mode: Let the sounds of the world into your personal space when you need to talk to someone or have more awareness of the surroundings.

4. Bluetooth Related

*Note: Multipoint Connection: Connect two devices at once for easy switching.

5. Earpads Dimensions


6. Package Contents

7. Key Features

If you encounter any other issues or your issue has not been resolved, please contact soundcore customer support for further assistance.

Encountering low volume or no sound from your headphones can be quite a surprise. If your soundcore headphones are not charging or the microphone volume seems too low, perhaps a good cleaning is in order. Let's walk through some steps to help you maintain and clean your headphones for optimal performance.

Accumulation of dust, earwax or other debris in your earbuds can affect their performance. To maintain optimal sound quality, regularly clean your earbuds using a cotton swab slightly moistened with rubbing alcohol to gently wipe the metal mesh filter under the rubber ear tips.

For video information:

For Earbuds:

  • Get a cotton swab and put a little rubbing alcohol on it, then gently rub/clean the gold filter mesh of the earbuds. At the same time, try connecting the earbuds playing a song, and setting the volume to max.
  • Clean the charging contact pins, ear tips, and metal filter regularly. It's recommended to use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol for cleaning. Remove the ear tips easily from the earbuds, then run under water to rinse them off. You'll need to dry them thoroughly with a soft, lint-free cloth before putting them back on the earbuds. If possible, please try to use a bulb blower to clean the earbuds. The air enters the port/filter and the dust/dirt inside the earbud is loosened. You can then use a Q-tip or toothpick to remove it.

For Earcups:

Regularly use alcohol wipes to gently wipe the earcups.

If you have any more issues or your issue has not been resolved, please contact for further assistance.

The product's serial number is a unique identifier that differentiates it from other products of the same brand or model, tracking key information such as production batches, dates, and warranty periods. This is distinct from the software serial number in the supporting soundcore APP. For warranty claims, submit the product serial number, not the software SN. 

We've provided SN locations for reference. Most soundcore products on sale can be identified by a 16-digit number on the packaging, e.g., SN: XXX123.

1. True Wireless Earbuds


Product Name

SN Position on the Product


Liberty 4

On the back of the slide cover


Liberty 3 Pro


Liberty Air 2 Pro


Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded Version


Life Dot 3i

Life A3i

On the bottom of the charging case


Life Note E/Life P2 Mini


Life Note 3S/Life Note 3R


Liberty 4 NC

Inside the charging case lid









Life P2i


Life P3i/P3i

Life Note 3i/Note 3i


Liberty Air 2


Life Dot 2


Spirit Dot 2


Space A40

Inside the charging case hinge


Life P3


Life Dot 2S


Life Note 3


Life P2


Life Note


Life A1


Life Dot 2 NC/Life Dot 2 XR

Inside the charging case cap


Life A2 NC


Life A2 NC+


Spirit X2


Liberty 2 Pro


Liberty 2 Pro

2. Over-ear Headphones


Product Name

SN Position on the Product


Space One

Between the earcup and ear cushion


Space Q45

On the headband hinge inner side




On the L slider Inner




Life 2


Life Q10


Life Q20


Life Q35


Life Q30


Life Tune/Life Tune XR


Life Tune Pro


Soundcore Vortex

On a silver tag attached to the part below the left earcup (rotate anticlockwise)

3. Neckband Headphones&soundcore Frames


Product Name

SN Position on the Product


R500/Life U2i

On the headphones cable


Life U2


Life NC


Soundcore Frames

On the outer packaging box

If you can't find the SN or the SN is illegible, a picture of the product itself with the Anker or soundcore logo showing is also helpful for the warranty claim. 

If you do not find the reset steps for your soundcore earbuds/headphones model, please don't hesitate to contact soundcore customer service for assistance.

Please refer to the following list of speaker models that are currently supported by the Soundcore app:

Flare / Flare+ / Flare S+ / Rave / Rave Mini / Mega / Trance / Wakey / Icon+ / Motion + / Motion Boom / Select Pro / Infini Pro / Flare 2 / Rave Neo / Soundcore Trance Go / Rave PartyCast / Soundcore Mini 3 / Soundcore 3 / Upgraded Soundcore Boost / Upgraded Soundcore Flare Mini (Gen 2) / Rave+ / Soundcore Mini 3 Pro / Soundcore Select 2 / Model Zero / Model Zero+

Using the Soundcore app to control speakers is only possible on speaker models with the corresponding chip installed. Devices that are not equipped with the chip cannot be connected to the Soundcore app. 

Note: The Soundcore app currently supports iOS and Android systems and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Users normally don't need to register for an account when using the free Soundcore app. However, device information and configuration will not be saved in the Soundcore app without an account. Please follow the steps listed below to register for an account using your email address:

  1. Open the Soundcore app.
  2. Click the personal setting on the top left corner of the app page.
  3. Click log in.
  4. Enter the Log in page, then click Sign up.
  5. Use your valid email address to register for an account to use the Soundcore app.

If the account activation code has expired, please uninstall and reinstall the Soundcore app to try again. Please note that our speaker works properly with a Bluetooth device, but we recommend pairing the speaker with your phone first before connecting to the Soundcore app.

If you have additional questions, please contact Soundcore customer support at for further assistance.